Welcome ~ 

Thank you for visiting our website.  Our church is historic, but our hope is in the future that Jesus promised for His followers.  We hope you'll join us for the journey.
Inside Service  ~ Join us Sunday inside the church building for Worship Service at 10:00am.  Please review the Bulletin & Announcements page for the guidelines tp enter the building.  FACE MASK are required to enter the church building.  We will also continue to broadcast the Worship Service on FM 90.3.  If you are not ready to re-enter the building this Sunday, please park in the Church Parking lot and tune your care radio to
FM 90.3 @10:00am to be apart of the worship service.

REMEMBER - PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR DUE TO THE COVID-19 GUIDELINES. If you have any questions or concerns our Ushers will be available at the door to assist you.


Vision Statement:  Teaching people to love God by teaching people to love God's word.
Mission Statement: We pursue our vision by: Exalting the Savior Equipping the Saints Evangelizing the Sinner